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This won't do, Babe! by NickNight2017 This won't do, Babe! :iconnicknight2017:NickNight2017 23 6
My Story - Part One - White Collar Boxing
There are times in your life where things just kind of...stop and you think to the hell did I get here? That's exactly what I'm experiencing right now.
I look up and around at my surroundings. I'm in a boxing ring, and the crowd is about half full, though it's filling up as we go. My coach is behind me, gently kneading my shoulders. My opponent is making her way to the centre of the ring as the blue shirted referee calls us to the meet in the middle of the ring.   
How did I ever get here?
I'm about to participate in my first professional boxing match...and its still hard for me to believe that I'm doing this. Maybe to make sense of this, I should go back to the beginning. Maybe someone else can make sense of my life. Me…I’m not sure that I can anymore.
My name is Virani Macvicar. Strange name right? Well, th
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Mage SJ by Erazer941
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Lindsay Wagner vs Lynda Carter - Celeb. Fts. Pt. 2
Lynda rocked side to side on her knees, trapped in Lindsay’s tight body scissors. She pressed her hands down on the blonde’s thighs and knees trying to escape. “I can’t breathe” Lynda moaned in pain gasping for breath. “Good.”, Lindsay replied as she straightened her long legs and locked her ankles, “Say you give.” The muscles on the blonde’s smooth, firm thighs rippled as she squeezed as hard as she could, forcing the air from her adversary’s lungs and crushing her ribs.

“GAWD”! Lynda cried as Lindsay’s thighs dug into her sides. She clasped her hands together and brought both hands down into Lindsay’s tight belly in an ax handle blow. Lindsay gasped and her grip around Lynda’s waist loosened slightly. She quickly tried to tighten the hold as Lynda hammered her belly again. Lindsay’s body jackknifed forward into a sitting position. Her fingers dug into Lynda’s thick black hair. She dug her fingers into Lynda’s hair and pressed her body into Lynda so the brunette couldn’t hit her again.

Lynda kept her left knee pressed into the mat as she planted her right foot on the ground. She grabbed the blonde’s hair with both hands and leaned back, planted both feet on the ground trying to stand. The brunette’s shapely legs trembled as she lifted the blonde off the ground. Lindsay pulled viscously on Lynda’s hair  hanging onto her,  legs wrapped around Lynda’s waist the muscles on her thighs pulsing as she tried to force her opponent back down on her knees.

Lynda screamed in pain as Lindsay pulled on her hair trying to rip it out, her legs started to buckle as Lindsay wrapped herself tighter around her trying to get her back down. Both women had their hands fisted in each other’s hair. Lynda felt her legs giving out and twisted her body, throwing herself down on the ground. Lindsay’s back slammed down onto the mats. Her legs snapped open as Lynda’s weight slammed down on top of her.

Lynda lunged forward flattening her body down on top of the blonde. She kept a tight grip on her rival’s hair and pulled Lindsay’s face up into her cleavage. She pressed her breasts into Lindsay’s face, sealing the blonde’s nose and mouth. Lindsay’s legs kicked out wildly as Lynda cut off her air and pinned her down. Lindsay bucked and twisted under Lynda’s weight. Her screams muffled by the brunette’s smothering breasts.

“One, two, three” Rachel started counting as Lindsay fought frantically to get Lynda off of her.

Lynda wrapped her arms around Lindsay’s head keeping her breasts pressed firmly over her nose and mouth. “Now you can’t breathe” Lynda taunted Lindsay as she held her down. Lynda’s legs twined around her opponent’s legs, the muscles on their thighs tensed as the brunette tried to grapevine the blonde. Lynda press down trying to spread Lindsay’s legs and keep her pinned under her. Lindsay twisted under Lynda and managed to kick her right leg free.

Rachel leaned forward in her chair. She was a little disappointed it looked like this fight was almost over. If Lynda managed to grapevine her Lindsay was finished. “Four, five, six”

Lindsay’s right foot slammed down on the mat and the muscles on her leg bulged as she pushed off and rolled on top of Lynda. Lynda still had her trapped in the breast smother but before Lynda could get back on top of her Lindsay shifted her weight and dug her right knee into the brunette’s belly. The knee to the belly loosened the hold Lynda had on her. Lindsay dug her knee into Lynda a second time and broke free of the smother hold.

Lindsay’s face was red but she made no attempted to roll away and try and catch her breath. She was on top now and she intended to stay on top. She pressed her hands down on Lynda’s shoulders and brought her knees up to Lynda’s hips mounting her.

“One, two, three” Rachel started counting again, her eyes riveting on the two women.

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I stepped off the stage and onto the street of Durango. Durango was no different from many other towns that had sprung up in the late nineteenth century in the western region of the United States. Perhaps it was a little larger than some. It had a jail, general store, saloon, bank, boarding house, school, blacksmith and even a church. I smiled as the drummer, William Baxter, who had been on the stage with me offered to carry my bags to the boarding house. As we walked to the boarding house, I glanced into the general store, the bank and the saloon. Once I got settled the saloon would be my first stop.

Bettany and I had worked in a saloon in Eldarado about a year ago. We became friends. She had moved on and I had stayed. Four months ago I received a telegram from Bettany said she was in Durango. She said the two of us could make a lot of money there in a saloon called the Silver Dollar. We might even find a rich rancher or miner to marry. There was a blonde named SJ who was the Queen of the saloon. She had her pick of the customers and the other girls didn’t try and challenge her. If they did they usually found themselves in the street with a black eye, bloody nose and other bruises. Bettany was sure she could handle SJ and by time I got there the blonde wouldn’t be a problem.

I checked into the boarding house and Mr. Baxter said he would like to buy me a drink at the saloon later. I told him I was looking forward to seeing him again. It was never too early to start building clientele in a new town. The Silver Dollar was pretty fancy for a small town saloon. Bettany had said the owner, Jake Small, had invested considerable money in building the place and it had paid off. A long wooden bar lined one wall. Tables for drinking and gambling were set up all around the floor. A piano stood in the far corner of the saloon. Shell shaped kerosene lamps lined the wall. The place was much cleaner than some of the saloons I had worked in.

It was still early in the day and there were only a few customers at the bar with a couple of the bar girls keeping them company. I walked up to a blonde-haired man standing at the end of the bar and drinking alone. I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me!” He turned and looked at me, his eyes running up and down my body. Not the first time a man had looked at me like that. I gave him my best smile. “Can you tell where Bettany is?”

He smiled back at me. “She’s gone! My name is Tom Murphy I own a spread about a mile from here. A thousand acres. Four hundred head of cattle. Can I buy you a drink?”

I placed my hand on his shoulder and my smile widened. Only been here few minutes and already I was making friends. “Hi Tom. My name is Lisa. Would love to have that drink later. Right now, I’m looking for Bettany. What do you mean she’s gone?”

Before he could answer a woman answered for him. “He means I fought her right here in this saloon. Beat her and ran her out of town. You a friend of hers red?”

I turned to look behind me at the woman who answered. A tall shapely blonde stood about three feet away from me. Our eyes swept up and down each other’s bodies sizing up the competition. We were pretty evenly matched physically, about the same height, weight and age. My eyes narrowed. “You must be SJ. You beat Betts in a fight. I doubt it was a fair one.”

SJ’s body stiffened and her lips curled back. “Oh, it was a fair fight alright. Dozens of people saw me beat her like an army mule.”

Jake Small the owner of the saloon had been standing at the other end of the bar. When he saw SJ and me facing each other obviously squaring off he moved quickly towards us.“What’s going on here?” Jake asked as he walked around the bar and stood alongside of me.

“This slut’s a friend of the bitch I beat up a few months ago. Got the feeling she’s looking for trouble just like her friend was.” The muscles on SJ’s bare shapely legs clenched, her fingers curled to claws.

I felt my own body tensing. My hands clenching into fists. “Watch who you're calling a slut and a bitch, whore. Like I said I doubt a cow like you could beat my friend in a fair fight.”

“I beat her and I can beat you, tramp.” SJ moved towards me and I started for her.

“This is going to be good.” Tom Murphy, the rancher said as he stood alongside of Jake. The other men in the saloon started forming a circle around us with their drinks in hand. They all agreed with Tom. This was going to be good.

Jake had made a lot of money setting up a boxing ring right here in the saloon so SJ and Bettany could fight. He had charged people a silver dollar to watch. He had to take the ring down because it took up too much space when it wasn’t being used. He really didn’t want to set up the ring again just to take it down but he had another idea. He stepped between us.

“Do you two really want to fight.” He looked at SJ then at me.

“This blonde bitch says she beat my friend in a fair fight. I’m going to teach her a lesson. I also want a job.”

SJ’s body went rigid when I said I wanted a job. The breath hissed between her lips. “This witch needs to be taught some manners. I’m going to teach her some and put her in her place.”

Jake nodded. “Ok! I’ll talk to Joshua Cane. He has a corral behind his black smith shop. I’m pretty sure he’ll let you two fight it out there. Boxing match just like when SJ fought Bettany. Red if you win you got a job here. SJ if you win you get two weeks pay. I’ll set it up for tomorrow afternoon”

Tom Murphy laughed. “You charging a silver dollar again, Jake?”

Jake shook his head. “Nope two this time. Josh is going to want his share.”

Tom and the other men dug into their pockets.
Showdown at the OK Corral - Part 1
This is the story of the fight between SJ and myself after she had beaten my friend Bettany in what she claimed was a fair fight. Please stop by Erazer941 page to see pictures of this fight as it is told.
Lindsay Wagner vs Lynda Carter - Celeb. Fts. Pt. 1
Lindsey Wagner and Lynda Carter were two young actresses looking for their first big break. Both women had been in a movie and had appeared in a few TV shows, but neither had gained national recognition. They had both auditioned for the starring role in ABC’s new fall series Wonder Woman. They both hoped that this role would be their big break, the lead in a major network’s series could make them a household name. This was not the first time they had competed for a roll. Although they had auditioned and competed for the same part several times, the two women were friends. They stood together at the bar chatting with other guests at the party.

As Lindsay and Lynda stood chatting with each other, Jeff Matthews the man who would produce the Wonder Woman series came walking up to them. He told them that the starring role in the series had been narrowed down to the two of them. Lynda and Lindsay looked at each other then at him.

“When do you think you’ll make your decision?” Lindsay asked a little tremor in her voice.
Matthew smiled. “Well Rachel and I were hoping you two would help us decide.”

Rachel Pershing was the casting director she and Jeff would normally be the ones to decide who would get the part, but Jeff was saying they wanted her and Lynda to help them decide. She was confused and so was Lynda. “ What can Lindsay and I do to help you decide which one of us will get the part?” The two women looked at each other wondering what was going on.

“Well Wonder Woman is an Amazon Princess. She is a warrior. Rachel and I were hoping that you two could show us which of you would better fit the role of an Amazon Warrior.”

Lindsay had heard stories about how some women had gotten parts in movies and shows but she hadn’t believed them. The words blurted out of her mouth before she could stop them. “You want Lynda and I to fight each other for the part?”

“Wrestle each other actually. Think of it as part of the audition. First woman to pin the other and hold her down for a ten count or forces her to surrender gets the part. A wrestling match with hair pulling allowed.”

Lynda laughed nervously. “I think you just want to see us wrestle, Jeff.”

Now Jeff laughed. “I’m not going to lie. I am sure it will be fun to watch, but you are both perfect for the roll. Your both young, tall and well built, very believable as Amazons. Wonder Woman is a brunette in the comic, but Amazons have also been depicted as blondes. If Lindsay gets the part, she can always dye her hair if Wonder Woman’s fans insist on her being a brunette. So what do you say?”

Lindsay and Lynda looked at each. They asked him if they could think about it. He said he needed the answer by the end of the night and left the two actresses to discuss it among themselves.

The two women spent the rest of the evening discussing whether or not they were willing to wrestle each other to get the part. They were both nervous but were leaning towards agreeing to do it, and started sizing each other up. They each wondered if she was strong enough to take the other woman in a fight. At the end of the evening they decided that they both really wanted the part, and they would tell Jeff that they would wrestle each other to get it.

Lindsay held out her hand. “I know you want this part as much as I do, Lyn. We’re friends but I’m warning you I am going to fight as hard as I can to win.” The two women shook hands. “I feel the same way, Lindsay. I think I can take you. Just hope we’re still friends after the match.”

The two women found Jeff and told him they agreed to wrestle each other. He told them both to be at his house Saturday afternoon for the match. They asked him if they should bring bathing suits or something to fight in. He told them that wouldn’t be necessary they would both be wearing the Wonder Woman costume when they wrestled.

For the next four days the two young women tried to learn as much as they could about wrestling. They even hired trainers to teach them how to apply and escape holds. There was just so much they could learn in four days and they were both nervous as they drove to Jeff’s house.

Lynda drove up to Jeff’s house. She recognized Lindsay’s blue corvette and figured the other two cars in the driveway were Jeff’s and Rachel’s. Jeff let her in and led her into the living room. Lindsay and Rachel were sitting in the living room, chatting and sipping drinks. Lindsay was drinking a soda she wanted to be clear headed when she fought Lynda. She’d have the wine to celebrate after she had beaten Lynda. They chatted for a while but Lynda and Lindsay were obviously nervous and wanted to start. Jeff led them to the two guest rooms. Their outfits were in the rooms and once they had changed they walked back out to the living room.

Rachel smiled. “You both look great. Either of you would be perfect for the part.”

Lindsay and Lynda wore identical outfits. Wonder Woman’s costume complete with red and gold top, blue hot pants with white stars and red and white boots. The costume included the tiara, belt and bracelets. The only thing missing was the magic lasso. Jeff led them out back, where mats had been laid out on the grass.

Rachel and Jeff sat in lounge chairs and Lynda and Lindsay stepped onto the mats. “Ok girls. Are you ready?” Rachel asked. Both girls said yes. Rachel nodded. “Then start wrestling and may the better woman win.”

Lindsay and Lynda started circling each other.  They lunged forward then stepped back looking for an opening. Lindsay’s right hand shot out trying to grab Lynda’s hair. Lynda grabbed the blonde’s wrist with her left hand and started to twist Lindsay’s arm behind her back. Lindsay cried out in pain as Lynda stepped behind her and pulled her right hand up between her shoulder blades.

Lynda pressed her breasts into Lindsay’s back and started to hook her right arm under Lindsay’s chin. Before the brunette could lock on the choke hold, Lindsay stomped the heel of her left boot down on Lynda’s left foot. Lynda’s face twisted in pain and started to pull back still twisting Lindsay’s arm behind her back. Lindsay’s left elbow shot back slamming into Lynda’s ribs. Lynda grunted in pain and Lindsay hit her two more times in the ribs before her brown haired adversary released her.

Lindsay spun around to face Lynda as the brunette staggered back. The blonde shook her right arm tears rolling down her cheeks. They crouched down arms up and out to the side. The two young women started circling each other again. Lindsay’s left hand shot for Lynda’s hair and as the brunette knocked her left hand aside, the fingers of the blonde’s right hand locked onto her thick brown hair.

Acting on pure instinct Lynda grabbed Lindsay’s right wrist trying to relieve the pressure on her burning scalp. The brunette screamed as her blonde adversary tightened her grip on her hair and pulled Lynda into her. Lynda’s scream was cut short as Lindsay’s knee dug into her belly driving the air from her lungs. Lynda bent at the waist clutching her stomach. As she doubled over she lunged forward digging her right shoulder into the blonde’s belly.

Lindsay started to stagger back. Lynda wrapped her arms around Lindsay’s thighs pushing forward and taking the blonde down. The brunette lunged forward, diving on top of her adversary, pressing her weight down on top of the blonde and pinning her on her back. As she tried to mount Lindsay the blonde’s shapely legs wrapped around her waist. Lynda moaned as the muscles on Lindsay’s thighs flexed, cutting deep into her ribs.

Jeff and Rachel sipped their drinks smiling. Yes either one of these young women would fit the role perfectly.
Showdown at the OK Corral
After finding out that SJ beat up my friend Bettany in the Silver Dollar Saloon (see the details of the fight between Bettany and SJ in the 4 part story Wild West Bar Fight in my gallery and the renderings of that fight in Erazer941's gallery…), SJ and I exchange insults and then almost go at it. Jake the owner of the saloon stops us not wanting his saloon wrecked in a fight. He does arrange for SJ and I to fight in the corral behind the black smith's shop. Who do you think will win the fight at the OK corral, SJ or me?

This rendering was done by Erazer941. SJ is an original character created by Erazer941. Lisa is an avatar created for me by him.  

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Bridgette had met Ashley at the gym a month ago in a boxing class. After seeing Ashley fight another woman in a boxing match, Bridgette told Ashley that she worked for FemFight Productions and asked her if she would be interested in doing a fight vid for the company. Ashley of course had questions. She wanted to know what kind of fight. What the rules were. She had heard about these vids and wanted to know what she and the other woman would be wearing when they fought. She had many other questions and Bridgette answered them all.

Bridgette told her FemFight Productions produced different types of female fight vids. Boxing, fistfights, wrestling and cat fighting were among the types of fights the company produced.  She told Ashley she thought she would be in a boxing match just like the ones she had been in at the gym. The difference would be she and her opponent would be barefoot and wearing bikinis. It would be a real fight not some scripted act. She told Ashley both women would be paid for fighting. The winner would be paid more than the loser of course. Ashley didn’t agree at first but after winning two more matches at the gym, she told Bridgette she would do the vid.

A week later Ashley arrived at the studio right on time. Bridgette met her at the front desk and the two women walked to the interview area. Ashley was a little nervous. She was confident she knew how to box and would put up a good fight but this time she’d be fighting in front of a camera a lot of people would see this fight and that made her nervous.

They walked into the interview area and Bridgette introduced Ashley to Joe and Jennifer. Joe, was the photographer, he would be recording the interview and the fight. Jennifer would be acting as Kelly’s corner woman in the fight and Bridgette would be in Ashley’s corner. She also introduced her to Kelly the woman she would be fighting. Ashley and Kelly shook hands. It was more a test of strength then a handshake. Kelly squeezed Ashley’s hand and Ashley squeezed right back. The two women sized each other up as they squeezed each other’s hand trying to make her opponent flinch. Their eyes narrowed to slits as they each tried to stare the other woman down.

Bridgette let them glare at each other while Joe recorded their first encounter. She finally sat down and asked Ashley and Kelly to sit down, Ashley to her right and Kelly to her left. Joe focused the camera on Bridgette.

“Hi,I’m Bridgette! I work here at FemFight productions. I am here to interview our two fighters for today’s boxing match, Ashley and Kelly. Let’s start with Ashley. Ashley this is the first time you are fighting in a FemFight production video. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? What you do for a living, your age, height and weight. Have you ever been in a boxing match before? Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself.”The camera swung from Bridgette and focused on Ashley.

“I’m Ashley Conners. I work as a secretary for a brokerage firm. I am thirty one years old, five feet seven inches tall and weigh one hundred and forty five pounds. I started taking boxing lessons about six months ago at the gym. I’ve been in four matches against other girls at my gym and girls from other gyms. So far I am undefeated. You asked me if I would be interested in fighting in a film here and I figured why not. I think I am a pretty good fighter and can hold my own against my opponent.”

Bridgette smiled. “Since you mentioned your opponent, you’ve met her. Do you think you can take her?”

“She looks tough but I think I can take her. It would be kind of dumb to fight someone if I thought I couldn’t beat her. I mean I know she might beat me but I always go into a match thinking I am going to win.”

Kelly gave a derisive laugh. Bridgette ignored Kelly and smiled at Ashley. “Thank you Ashley. Good luck in today’s match. She quickly turned to Kelly. “Now Kelly why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? What you do for a living, your age, height and weight. This is your second fight for FemFight Productions. How do you feel about this fight?”

Joe swung the camera from Bridgette to Kelly. “I’m Kelly Ryan. I am a waitress. I’m twenty seven years old, five feet seven inches tall and weigh one hundred and forty pounds. I’ve done some foxy boxy and wrestling but the fights here are real, totally different. My first fight was a no holds barred catfight and I kicked her ass, just like I am going to kick her ass.” Kelly smiled and pointed at Ashley.

“We’ll see about that!” Ashley responded doing her best not to get out of her seat.

“Yeah we will. If I were you I’d pack up and go home before I got hurt.” Both women got out of their chairs and Bridgette got up and bravely stepped between them.

She laughed and said. “Well I guess that concludes our interview. Our fighters have brought their bikinis and will go to the dressing rooms to change. The fight will start in fifteen minutes.”

Joe nodded and turned off the camera.  “Ok ladies. Bridgette and Jennifer will lead you to the dressing rooms. When you are finished changing they will lead you to the ring and be in your corners.”

Kelly and Ashley snarled at each other. Bridgette and Jennifer made sure to stand between them as they walked to the dressing rooms.

The girls walked out of the dressing rooms dressed in black bikinis with their twelve-ounce boxing gloves over their shoulders. Bridgette and Jennifer led them to the ring and climbed into the ring with them. Ashley and Bridgette went to the blue corner, Kelly and Jennifer to the red. As Bridgette and Jennifer helped the fighters put their gloves on, Joe went over the rules. “Ok ladies. This fight is scheduled for five three-minute rounds. The winner will be determined by ten-count or technical knockout. If neither of you succeeds in achieving a knock out, the woman who has won the most rounds will be declared the winner. Rounds will be awarded by the judge. Me! Any questions?” Neither woman had any questions and Joe nodded. “Ok ladies walk to the center of the ring and tap gloves.”

Ashley and Kelly walked to the center of the ring and Kelly smacked her white gloves into Ashley’s black and white gloves. “I’m going to kick your ass. Last chance to back out!” Kelly snarled at Ashley. Ashley smacked her gloves together. “You need to be taught a lesson bitch and I’m just the woman to teach you.” The two women walked back to their corners and waited for the bell. Ashley and Jennifer put in the fighter’s mouth pieces.

Joe rang the bell and the two women moved in on each other bringing their gloves up ready to block or jab. Kelly was basically a cat fighter but she had some experience boxing having done those foxing boxing matches. Those matches hadn’t been real fights but she still knew the basics. Ashley was the boxer. Bridgette was hoping that Ashley would kick Kelly’s ass. She agreed with Ashley that Kelly was a real bitch and needed to be taught a lesson.

The two fighters circled each other bobbing and weaving. Kelly jabbed a right for Ashley’s face. Ashley dodged to the side and threw a left at Kelly’s ribs. Leather smacked into Kelly’s right arm as she blocked the punch. Ashley pressed the attack, throwing rights and left jabs at the younger woman’s face. Kelly managed to block and dodge most of the punches but Ashley was backing her up into the ropes.

Kelly realized what Ashely was doing and threw a left hook into Ashley’s ribs. The sound of leather smacking into flesh was followed by a groan from Ashley as Kelly’s glove slammed into her ribs. Encouraged by the feel of her glove slamming into Ashley’s ribs, Kelly threw a right hook at her adversary’s jaw. Ashley ducked under the punch.

As Kelly’s glove sailed over her head, Ashley’s gloves were a blur as she hammered the younger woman with a one-two-three combination. Ashley slammed a hard right jab into her blonde opponent’s belly that made Kelly’s cheeks puff out as the air whooshed from between her lips. The right to the belly was followed by a left hook to the ribs that made Kelly grimace in pain. That was followed by an uppercut into Kelly’s left breast that made it pop it out of her top.

Kelly groaned in pain. “Bitch” she hissed as she tried to regain her balance, her exposed breast swinging. Ashley bounced back on the balls of her feet then moved in on her opponent. She hooked a left for Kelly’s cheek but the blonde got her arm up and blocked the punch. Kelly countered with a right hook of her own that caught Ashley in the jaw. Ashley staggered to the side but even as Kelly tried to follow through, Ashley reset herself.

Ashley’s right slammed into Kelly’s face distorting her left cheek. Kelly countered driving a right into Ashley’s ribs. The sound of leather smacking flesh and the grunts and moans of the two women as they traded punches filled the ring. Ashley drove a right deep into Kelly’s belly and the air burst from her lungs in an explosive gasp. As Kelly doubled over her arms pressed into her belly, Ashley squeezed her right glove.

She squeezed her right glove and drove an uppercut into Kelly’s face that split her lips. Kelly’s head snapped back sending a fine mist of blood and sweat into the air. She fell back into the turn buckle. Ashley moved in hoping to pin her in the corner and really work her over. Ashley slammed a right into Kelly’s bruised and battered exposed breast. Kelly cried out in pain as her breast was flattened. Before Ashley could throw another punch the bell rang. Ashley knew that Kelly would have kept hitting her if their positions were reversed but she refused to stoop to her level. She backed away and walked to her corner.
Ashley vs Kelly - FemFight Production Boxing Pt. 1
Some of you may recognize  Kelly as the blonde who fought and beat Marcy in a catfight produced by FemFight productions here on my page. Today Ashley, a fighter discovered in crazykc123 gallery, will fight Kelly in a boxing match. I will write the story giving a blow by blow description of the fight. Who do you think will win ? You can use this comparison pic to help you decide.

Mature Content

Ashley versus Kelly - FemFight Production Boxing by Fightinglisa


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